Distribution is responsible for jump-starting an artist's career in the music industry. Without a profitable platform for musicians, it can be very difficult to present one's content globally. We provide various packages for artists to submit their content on 15+ platforms, including purchasing & streaming!  Check out our offers below.


  • YouTube (Video Streaming*)

  • SoundCloud (Streaming*)

  • Spotify (Streaming)

  • Apple Music/iTunes (Download & Streaming)

  • Napster (Streaming)

  • eMusic (Streaming)

  • Tidal (Streaming)

  • Google Play Music (Download & Streaming)

  • Groove Music (Download & Streaming)

  • Amazon MP3 (Download & Streaming)

  • Deezer (Download & Streaming)

  • Anghami (Download & Streaming)

  • Kanjian (Download & Streaming)

  • Melon (Download & Streaming)

  • Claro-musica (Download & Streaming)

  • Gracenote (Music Discovery')

  • Shazam (Music Discovery')

*Although these are known as "free" sources, you can still monetize your content on these platforms through our services

'These sources are non-profitable; they only allow users to search the song as it plays

  • Submission of up to 1 song

  • Distribution up to 5 Platforms of choice

  • Does not include "Music Discovery"

  • Artist earns 85% of music's earnings*

Basic Package



Standard Package

  • Submission of up to 5 songs

  • Distribution up to 10 Platforms of choice

  • Includes "Music Discovery"

  • Artist earns 90% of music's earnings*

  • Submission of unlimited amount of songs

  • Distribution to all available platforms

  • Includes "Music Discovery"

  • Artist earns 100% of music's earnings*

Premium Package


*This only accounts for 2020 Sound's collections, some platforms will take a percentage cut of proceedings; this is not in our control

If you'd like more information or desire to fill out an order for music distribution, please refer to our "Contact" page to proceed with your inquiry.