Lyricism is one of the driving forces in today's music. To make a song catchy yet meaningful, it needs to be personable, engaging and unique. We base our writings on the artist's ideas and beliefs, yet we set the tone for an artist to follow. We create all different kinds of content for each person to help their songs reach their true potential. Check out some of our samples below!

"Have you ever seen a movie where the scenes will turn to flashbacks?

Where the characters are wishing they could backtrack?

There's a possibility, a little bit

That I'm thinking 'bout it all, but I'd never quit

Woah, sit alone by my side

I'm my own friend and I'm ready to hide

Been looking further so call me insane

Because of my sayings, the forecast is rain!

Riding foreign cars, that's what I'm calling a vision

I may not be a soldier but I got some good precision

The people moving right behind me know how to talk

But when I am talking business they forget how to walk

I mean that wouldn't be the first, I'm sure I have lived past lives

Not a human once, call the kingdom wildlives!

Pulled up, getting all the hatred crazy

I'll give a shoutout to the one who's mind is feeling hazy

Sometime in the future I'll just be alright

I'm just running down a forest 'cause I'm finding the light

Whether you follow or not, listen to the words I have to say

Never know what you'll be learning right along the way

I've been speaking to the haters, try to help them!

Insecurities are haunting cause of mayhem!

There's a plenty that I'm reaching for that isn't far

Some shall not be named as they are only slowing down the star!"

-DJ NoMis, "Other Minds"


"Waking up with the feeling!

I got others by my side

It's a wonderful, passing time

Listening to music

While thinking 'bout my dreams

I'm just rising up, levels high

With all my friends, I'm happy

And I'm healthy 'nough to succeed!

Electric bolts surround us

Giving super-sonic speed!

I'm standing out to people

And I'm telling stories on how

The rising-up's a long way up

So starting time is now!"

-DJ NoMis, "I Believe It!"


"It was never just a party if you saw me there

It was never just a dream if you became aware

I've been running out of time, trying to drop tunes

Yeah this self-ambitious project will be coming soon

I've been working day and night, Cudi can relate

Whether if this was a hobby or running to fate

Speak it out, test me now to see my mind's immune

And my self-ambitious project will be coming soon"

-DJ NoMis, "Coming Soon"


"I've fallen and soared

Into a world, nothing exists

So tell me now

'Fore you take the vow

Until time comes to tell my past, you don't know me!"

-Jon Thomas, "Know Me"


"I have lost control of my thoughts

And I, never wanted this to be over

Unh-huh, missing all the things that we've done

We cannot let this break us apart, we'll carry on

Carry on!



-Molly Ferguson, "One & Only"


  • Verse - $44.99

  • Pre-Hook/Chorus - $29.99

  • Whole Song - $99.99

Ghostwritten material will come with a pre-recorded demo on how the lyrics should be performed.

The length of your song does NOT affect pricing. Exclusive rights are implied with lyrics, but the ghostwriter must be credited with your song.

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