Jared Simon - CEO of 2020 Sound

As a hard-working, unique, and talented individual with a strong passion for music, he started 2020 Sound in the summer of 2016 with one goal: to make an impact in the music industry. For the past few years, he's learned how to write, produce, and record professional-level music in his home studio. His debut album, "NoMiNation," released on December 9, 2016, jump-started this music production company and his career. Although he's young, he hopes to expand his market globally, work with high-level clients, and be known across the world as DJ NoMis.

In today's society, there are so many people who aren't happy or confident with themselves. There's a lot of creativity in this world that may not even be expressed because of doubt or others' judgments. Every song he produces is made to encourage, motivate and inspire every generation to work towards their passion and have a fulfilling life. By entertaining others with positivity and being true to himself, he will change the way people listen to music and help them reflect on their lives in order to strive for the best.

He's intrigued by the most popular songs throughout different time periods, as each track introduces different elements to enjoy. By combining different kinds of sounds and genres, he can create a variety of music for everyone to listen to. Each song he releases will sound different than another, thereby expanding his range and impact throughout the globe. This music production company isn't just an ordinary company; it allows you to hear the future.

DJ NoMis, Jared Simon, 2020 Sound, CEO

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